If you've never made beans from scratch before, you're missing out. They're easy to make and they're way better than anything you'll find in a can.

The core method is the same no matter which type of bean you're cooking. Soak the beans overnight, boil them briefly, and then simmer them until they're tender.

I usually like to add in some additional flavorings, as well. I'll almost always add in some slices of yellow onion and whole cloves of garlic. Depending on the type of bean, I might also add in bay leaves, Parmesan rinds, avocado leaves (fantastic for black beans) or other herbs and spices. I also like to cook the beans in a mixture of bone broth and water for extra flavor, but they'll be great even if you just use water.

There's a bit of a debate over whether to soak beans before cooking. I prefer to do it, as I don't find it affects the taste at all and it makes the cooking process much faster.

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