This way of making eggs achieves the ideal dichotomy, in my opinion— fully set whites and yolks that hover just between runny and firm.

These eggs are incredibly versatile. You can see from the picture above that I made them into a Turkish cilbir-inspired dish. They’re great on toast, in a bowl of ramen, on top of a rice bowl, or eaten on their own with a bit of salt and hot sauce.

Getting the ideal texture here is all about dialing in your cook time. When I make these eggs, I usually aim for 6.5 min of cook time. I’ve found that to be a reliable reference point.

That being said, you can easily adjust the time as needed to get the texture you want. Adjust by 30 second increments in either direction for yolks that are more or less runny. Sometimes when I’m cooking very large eggs, I’ll add another 30-60 seconds of cook time to account for the size.

Add an extra two minutes (8.5 min total) for something closer to a hard-boiled egg, or go for 4-5 minutes for a just-set white and runny yolk.

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